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Undergraduate Forms

College of Art and Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

Economics Students – Academic Year 2017-2018
Matthew Scarpati Endowed Scholarship Fund (pdf) (for more information about Matthew Scarpati – UB Reporter)
William A Strauss Economics Scholarship Award – (pdf)
Kogut Brothers Award – (pdf)

Major – Minor Application

Double Degree Form

ECO 495 Undergraduate TA

ECO 496 Internship Information Sheet

ECO 498 UG Research Proposal

ECO 499 Independent Study Proposal

Force Registration Request submit in person to the Eco Dept Main Office – 415 Fronczak, fax to 716-645-2127, or mail to 415 Fronczak Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1520)

Graduate to Undergraduate Credit Conversion Form (use the Withdrawal from a Combined Degree Program)

Omicron Delta Epsilon Membership Application

Undergraduate Registration In a Graduate Economics Course (use Petition for Class Registration Outside Primary Career form – this form must be signed by the instructor and submitted to the Assistant Director of the Masters Economics Program)

NOTE: Policies for Undergraduate Student Taking Graduate Course:

  • Student must have Junior or Senior status and acceptance into a major program
  • Student must have overall grade point average of 3.0, including transfer units
  • Any additional requirements from the academic department
  • Registration in at least 12 undergraduate units in addition to the graduate units during this semester in order to sustain TAP and other financial support
  • No Incomplete grades are pending on this student’s record (recommended)