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Study Abroad

It is difficult to understand and appreciate the world only having lived, studied, or worked in one country. Studying abroad provides a student the opportunity to learn how life is viewed from another perspective, develop first-hand knowledge of another economy with which to compare the American experience, and gain knowledge of how the world is being knitted together into a global community.

Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to begin planning early to spend a summer, a semester, or even a full year in another country. Courses from abroad may be used to fulfill economics requirements, and there is an established course approval process that students may undertake for any study abroad program.

UB Study Abroad has information available on its website regarding the more than 400 overseas academic programs available through the SUNY system. Study Abroad advisors are available to assist you at any time in 210 Talbert Hall, or via e-mail. Additionally, you are welcome to contact Dr. Paul Zarembka, Professor of Economics, to discuss your plans or just to chat about where you might go for the most rewarding experience. He has visited or lived on almost all continents and in many countries.