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Internship in Economics

ECO 496 Internship in Economics allows students to obtain economics credit for paid or unpaid work in a company or government agency in the Buffalo area or elsewhere.  Past internships have been at Merrill Lynch, M&T Bank, and Buffalo and Erie County government offices, for example.  The internship must be in a field related to economics and your duties cannot be solely administrative or only involve data entry.

You must obtain prior approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  The supervisor you will have at the internship must send the Director a detailed description of your duties, the start and end times of the internship, and the expected number of hours worked per week.  The Director will review the internship duties and determine whether they are appropriate for ECO 496.  If the internship is approved for credit, you must maintain a weekly diary of activities and compile a report at the conclusion of the internship outlining your experiences and how they relate to economics.  Also, the supervisor must send to the Director a report evaluating your performance.  The Director will then assign you a grade.