Undergraduate Forms

College of Art and Sciences Undergradaute Scholarships and Awards

Economics Students – Academic Year 2015-2016

 The Matthew Scarpati Endowed Scholarship Fund (pdf)

     (for more information about Matthew Scarpati – UB Reporter)

 William A Strauss Economics Scholarship Award – (pdf)

Major-MinorApplication Form

Double Degree Form

Eco 495 – Undergraduate Supervised Teaching (UTA)

ECO 496 Internship Information SheetEco 498 – Undergraduate Research

Eco 499 – Independent Study

Force Registration Request Form into Undergraduate Economics Courses (submit in person to the Eco Dept Main Office – 415 Fronczak, fax to 716-645-2127, or mail to 415 Fronczak Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1520)

Graduate to Undergraduate Credit Conversion Form (use the Withdrawal from a Combined Degree Program)

Omicron Delta Epsilon Membership Application

Undergraduate Registration In a Graduate Economics Course (use Petition for Class Registration Outside Primary Career form – this form must be signed by the instructor and submitted to the Assistant Director of the Masters Economics Program)

NOTE: Policies for Undergraduate Student Taking Graduate Course:

• Student must have Junior or Senior status and acceptance into a major program

• Student must have overall grade point average of 3.0, including transfer units

• Any additional requirements from the academic department

• Registration in at least 12 undergraduate units in addition to the graduate units during this semester in order to sustain TAP and other financial support

• No Incomplete grades are pending on this student’s record (recommended)