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Advice for Students in Finance

We recommend that students interested in a career in finance take the following courses:

  • ECO 426 Capital Markets and Financial Institutions is an introduction to modern corporate finance, asset pricing theories, and the institutions that regulate and compose the financial markets.  The prerequisite for ECO 426 is ECO 407.
  • ECO 434 International Finance is the international counterpart of ECO 426, focusing on exchange rates, international flows of capital, international trade, and currencies.  The prerequisite for ECO 434 is ECO 407.
  • ECO 425 Money and Financial Institutions teaches the relationship between financial markets and macroeconomic forces and how this is affected by government regulation.  The prerequisite for ECO 425 is ECO 407.
  • ECO 490 Monetary Theory examines advanced theories of money and its effect on leading indicators of the state of the economy, such as GDP and the interest rate.  The prerequisite for ECO 490 is ECO 407.
  • ECO 461 Economic Fluctuation and Forecasting studies time series models, the foundation of data analysis in macroeconomics and finance.  The prerequisites for ECO 461 are ECO 405 and ECO 407.