Kenneth Levin

Kenneth Levin

Adjunct Instructor of Economics
E-Mail: kdlevin@buffalo.edu

Office: 205 Fronczak

Phone: 645-8659 (e-mail communication preferred):

Spring 2012 classes to be determined


  • Ph.D., Social Psychology, Syracuse University
  • M.S., Social Psychology, Syracuse University
  • B.A., English Literature, University of Michigan



  • Since leaving Syracuse in 1999, Ken Levin has embarked on a business career at the intersection of Psychology, Econometrics and Marketing. With the foundational expertise in attitude/behavior relations and statistical modeling provided by Syracuse University’s doctoral program in Psychology, Ken has spent his career applying those techniques in various industries, including automotive, airline, insurance and banking. Presently Vice President/Director of Marketing Analytics and Strategy at HSBC Bank, Ken manages the development and application of data-driven marketing strategies for the North American unit of the bank.


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