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Past Seminars

Spring 2017

March 3 – Ori Heffetz, Cornell University – Are Reference Points (Merely) Lagged Beliefs Over Probabilities?

March 17 – Nicolas Ziebarth, Cornell University – The Pros and Cons of Sick Pay Schemes: Testing for Contagious Presenteeism and Noncontagious Absenteeism Behavior

March 28 – Martha Bailey, University of Michigan – The Economic Impact of a Very High National Minimum Wage: Evidence From the 1966 Amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act

April 14 – Matt Dimick, UB School of Law – rescheduled till Fall 2017

April 28 – Claudia Olivetti, Boston College – Social Norms, Labor Market Opportunities, and the Marriage Gap for Skilled Women

May 5 – Scott Barkowski, Clemson University – The Effect of Specialist Cost Information on Primary Care Physician Referral Patterns

May 12 – Mitchell Hoffman, University of Toronto

Fall 2016

September 23 – Ronni Pavan, University of Rochester – Maternal Emotional Well-being and Child Development

September 30 – Mikal Skuterud, University of Waterloo – Immigrants and Patents: Evidence from Canadian Cities

October 14 – Samuel Kleiner, Cornell University – Hospital Treatment and Patient Outcomes: Evidence from Capacity Constraints

October 21 – Nate Baum-Snow, University of Toronto – Accounting for Central Neighborhood Change, 1980-2010

October 28 – Hoyt Bleakley, University of Michigan – Longevity, Education, and Income: How Large is the Triangle?

Spring 2016

February 19 – Jim Berry, Cornell University – “The Impact of Mother Literacy and Participation Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in India”

February 26 –Yan Bai, University of Rochester – “Do Financial Frictions Explain Chinese Firms’ Saving and Misallocation?”

March 3 – Lee Lockwood, Northwestern University – “Government Old-Age Support and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Old Age Assistance Program”

March 4 – Philip Oreopoulos, University of Toronto – “Texting Students to Help Achieve Their Goals”

March 9 (Wed) – Soohyung Lee, University of Maryland – “The Impact of School and Classroom Gender Composition on Educational Achievement”

March 11 – Zhuan Pei, Cornell University, Policy Analysis and Mgmt – “Eligibility Recertification and Dynamic Opt-in Incentives in Income-tested Social Programs: Evidence from Medicaid/CHIP”

March 18  – Spring recess, no seminar

March 25 – Daniele Paserman, Boston University – Gender Differences in Cooperative Environments: Evidence from US Congress

April 1 – Harry Krashinsky, University of Toronto Scarborough – The Effect of Education on Total Fertility

April 8 – Mikko Packalen, University of Waterloo – Age and the Trying Out of New Ideas and Cities and Ideas

April 15 – Katherine Cuff, McMaster Univeristy – Dual Corporate Tax Evasion

April 22 – George Alessandria, University of Rochester – The Dynamics of the U.S. Trade Balance and Real Exchange Rate: The J Curve and Trade Costs?

April 29 – Jeffrey Kubik, Syracuse University – Sand States and the US Housing Crisis

Fall 2015

October 30th – Xiaodong Zhu, University of Toronto “Trade, Migration and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis of China”

Friday, December 4th – Dr Jay Walker, Niagara University: “Do men and women compete differently in single versus mixed-gender environments? Evidence from the game show Jeopardy!”

Spring 2015

April 3rd – Dr. Shintaro Yamaguchi, McMaster University “Dynamic Effects of Parental Leave Policy on Female Labor Market Outcomes.”

April 10th – Dr. Aloysius Siow,  University of Toronto “A Quantitative Review of Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family by Carbone and Cahn.”

April 24th – Dr. Mathis Wagner, Boston College “Reversing Brain Drain: Evidence from Malaysia’s Returning Expert Programme”

April 30th – Dr. Kory Kroft, University of Toronto “Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment: A Sufficient Statistics Approach”

Fall 2014

October 24th – Dr. Perry Singleton, Syracuse University “Health Information and the Timing of Social Security Entitlements”

December 5th – Dr Josh Kinsler, University at Rochester “Distorted Beliefs and Parental Investment in Children”

Spring 2014

January 15th – Peter Hinrichs, Georgetown University “What Kind of Teachers Are Schools Looking For? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment”

January 21st – Louis-Phillippe Beland, University of Montreal “Political Parties and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from U.S. States”

January 24th –  Joanne Song Mclaughlin, University of California, Irvine “Unemployment Duration in the Great Recession: Effects of Employment Protection Laws”

January 27th – Evan Starr, University of Michigan “Training the Enemy? Firm-Sponsored Training and the Enforcement of Covenants Not to Complete”

January 29th – Travis Brayak, University of California, San Diego “Powers of the Pill: Heterogeneity and the Marriage Market”

February 13th – Lori Timmins, University of British Columbia “How do Hospitals Respond to Financial Pain? Evidence from Hospital Markets in Texas”

Fall 2012

October 5th – Max Gillman, Cardiff Business School “Deriving the Taylor Principle when the Central Bank Supplies Money”

November 16th – Felicia Ionescu, Colgate University “The Interplay Between Student Loans and Credit Cards: Implications for Default”

Spring 2012

January 18th – Neel Rao, Harvard University “Social Learning in the Labor Market: An Analysis of Siblings”

January 20th – Matthew Backus, University of Michigan “Why is Productivity Correlated with Competition”

January 23rd – Dooyeon Cho, Michigan State University “Trade Intensity, Carry Trades and Exchange Rate Volatility”

January 25th – Eisuke Okada, University of Chicago “Labor Force Participation and Fertility Decisions of Modern Women”

January 27th – Caleb Stroup, Vanderbilt University “International Experience and Cross-Border Mergers”

January 30th – Byoung Hoon Seok, University of Rochester “Growth and Global Imbalances: The Role of Learning-by-Exporting”

February 1st – Jiyoon Oh, University of Rochester “The Cyclicality of Firm Size Distribution and Its Effect on Aggregate Fluctuations”

Fall 2011

October 7th – Thomas Lubik, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond “The Shifting and Twisting Beveridge Curve: An Aggregate Perspective”

October 14th – Zhen Liu, University at Buffalo “Consumer Unawareness and Competitive Strategies”

October 21st – Rachana Bhatt, Georgia State University “Reducing Underage Alcohol & Tobacco Use: Evidence from the Introduction of Vertical Identification Cards”

Spring 2011

January 11th – Miquel Faig, University of Toronto “Lessons from the recent recession: the case of Spain”

January 18th – Vikesh Amin, SUNY at Binghamton “Do More-Schooled Women have Fewer Children and Delay Childbearing? Evidence from a Sample of U.S. Twins”

January 28th Bernard Salanie, Columbia University “Partner Choice and the Marital College Premium”

February 4th – Yoonsoo Lee, School of Economics Sogang University and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland “Entry, Exit, and Plant-level Dynamics over the Business Cycle”

February 25th – Gueorgui Kambourov, University of Toronto, NBER, and RCEA “Towards a Micro-founded Theory of Aggregate Labor Supply”

March 4th – David Shapiro, Penn State “Stalling of Fertility Transitions and Socioeconomic Change in the Developing World: Evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys”

March 11th – Solomon W. Polachek, Binghamton “A Biological Basis for the Gender Wage Gap”

March 25th – T. Paul Schultz, Yale “Family Planning and Health as Investments in Women’s Human Capital: Learning from a Quasi Social Experiment in Matlab, Bangladesh, 1977-1996”

April 8th – Petra Todd, University of Pennsylvania “Aligning Learning Incentives of Students and Teachers: Results from a Social Experiment in Mexican High Schools”

April 22nd – Martin Uribe, Columbia University “Pegs and Pain”

May 2nd – Roland Benabou, Princeton “Laws and Norms”

Fall 2010

October 15th – Wentong Zheng, University at Buffalo Law School “Estimating the Effect of State Lotteries on Crime: An Instrumental Variable Approach”

October 22nd – Dr. James Holmes, University at Buffalo “Endogenous Wage Rigidity with Heterogeneous Agents: The Complex Role of Money Endogenous Wage Rigidity with Heterogeneous Agents”

January 5th – Bongseok Choi, University at Buffalo “Financial Innovation, Firm Size and Growth”

February 9th – Jim Campbell, University at Buffalo Political Science Dept “The Economic Records of the Presidents: Party Differences and Inherited Economic Conditions.”

February 10th – Gilad Sorek, University at Buffalo “Finite Lifetimes, Optimal Patents and Growth.”

Spring 2010

February 19th – Yongsung Chang, University of Rochester “Comparative Advantage and Unemployment”

February 26th – John Maheu, University of Toronto “Components of bull and bear markets: bull corrections and bear rallies.”

March 5th – Mark Aguiar, University of Rochester “Growth in the Shadow of Expropriation”

March 19th – Martin Uribe, Columbia University

March 26th – Ricardo Reis, Columbia University

April 2nd – William Thomson, University of Rochester “Lorenz rankings of rules for the adjudication of conflicting claims”

April 9th – Peter Howitt, Brown University

April 16th – Ettore Damiano, University of Toronto

April 23rd – Charles Engel, University of Wisconsin “Currency Misalignments and Optimal Monetary Policy: A Reexamination”

April 30th – Mark Bils, University of Rochester “Has Consumption Inequality Mirrored Income Inequality.”

May 3rd – Stephen Turnovsky, University of Washington “Growth of Human Capital and Inequality: A Canonical Model”

Fall 2009

No Seminars Held During Fall 2009 Semester

Spring 2009

January 16 Yoshinori Kurokawa University at Buffalo Variety Trade and Skill Premium in a Calibrated General Equilibrium Model: The Case of Mexico

January 21 Shi Qi University of Minnesota The Impact of Advertising Regulation on Industry. The Cigarette Advertising Ban of 19th71

January 22 Susan Feng Boston University Volatility of Early-Stage Firms with Jump Risk: Theory and Evidence

January 23 Young-Ro Yoon Indiana University-Bloomington Strategic Disclosure of Valuable Information within Competitive Environments

January 26 Mitsukuni Nishida University of Chicago Estimating a Model of Strategic Network Choice: the Convenience-Store Industry in Okinawa

January 28 Eiichiro Kazumori University of Tokyo A Strategic Theory of Markets

February 6 David Benjamin University at Buffalo Recovery Before Redemption? A Theory of Delays in Sovereign Debt Renegotiations

Fall 2008

January 21 Gilad Sorek University at Buffalo Strategic Complementarities between Medical R&D and Savings as a Limit on Patent Protection

January 7 Guanyu Ma University at Buffalo How Fertility Control Affects the Future Improvement of Society

October 31 Richard Deitz New York Federal Reserve Bank The Regional Production, Stock, and Flow of Human Capital

October 29th James Feigenbaum University of Pittsburgh Optimal Irrational Behavior

9th/19th Zhen Liu University at Buffalo Fair Disclosure and Investor assymetric awareness in Stock Markets

Spring 2008

January 23 Bin Li University of Chicago

(Recruitment) Evaluating Structural Vector Autoregression Models in Monetary Economics

January 25 Hye Mi You University of Rochester

(Recruitment) The Contribution of Rising School Quality to U.S. Economic Growth

January 28 Yoshinori Kurokawa University of Minnesota/U.B. (Recruitment) Variety-Skill Complementarity Hypothesis: A Simple Resolution of Trade-Wage Inequality Anomaly

January 30 Goncalo Monteiro University of Washington/U.B.

(Recruitment) The Composition of Productive Government Expenditure: Consequences for Economic Growth and Welfare

February 1 Jiaren Pang Washington University

St. Louis/U.B

(Recruitment) Search, Training, and Labor Force Participation Over the Business Cycle

February 4 Noel Johnson Washington University

St. Louis/U.B

(Recruitment) War! What Is It Good For?

February 6 Ching-Jen Sun Ohio State University

(Recruitment) Dynamic Price Discrimination and Quality Provision Based on Purchase History

February 8 Jeffrey Weinstein Yale Univesity

(Recruitment) The Relationship Between School Characteristics and Neighborhood Characteristics:

Evidence from School Redistricting

February 11 Na Yin Stonybrook University

(Recruitment) Partial Benefits in the Social Security Disability Insurance Program: A Policy Alternative to Foster Work among the Disabled

March 21 Salvador Navarro University of Wisconsin Notes on the Econometric Analysis of Crime: the Deterrence effect of the Death Penalty

March 28 Adrien Verdelhan Boston University Common Risk Factors in the Currency Markets

April 11 Mark Aguiar University of Rochester Investment Cycles and Sovereign Debt Overhang

April 18th Bruce Weinberg Ohio State University Scientific Leadership

April 25 Fabian Lange Yale University Education and Allocative Efficiency. Evidence from Breast Cancer Screening

May 2 Rody Manuelli University of Wisconsin Explaining International Fertility Differences

Fall 2007

9th/21 Joe Doyle MIT Sloan School of Management and NBER Returns to Local-Area Health Care Spending: Using Health Shocks to Patients Far From Home

download paper

October 12 Carsten Kowalczyk The Fletcher School

Tufts University Free Trade:

What Are the Terms-of-Trade Effects?

download paper

October 26 David Cuberes Clemson University Medium Term Growth Reversals

(see this webpage for more info)

January 2 Jim Holmes University at Buffalo The Minimum Wage, Teenage Employment and the Business Cycle

January 9th Zhu, Wang Kansas Federal Reserve Bank Market Structure and Credit Card Pricing:

What Drives the Interchange?

download paper

January 30 Atsushi Oyama University at Buffalo The Rewards for Entrepreneurial Ability to Adopt and Implement Advanced Technologies

February 14 Goncalo Monteiro University at Buffalo &

University of York To Be Announced

1February 21 Dr. Youngwan Goo Korea National Defense University A Study on the Military Alliance of South Korea-United States with the Existence of Threat from North Korea:
A Public Good Demand Approach

Spring 2007

January 19th Dr. James M. Holmes University at Buffalo Monetary Policy, Unemployment and Endogenous Rigid Wages: The Consequences of Unfulfilled Rational Expectations

January 17 Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez University at Buffalo Human Capital, Learning Externalities, and Growth

January 25 Ms. Amy Hongfei Sun University of Toronto Banking, Inside Money, and Outside Money

January 26 Mr. Jae W. Sim Boston University Uncertainty, Irreversible Investment, and Geneeral Equilibrium

January 29th Dr. Luis Alcala University at Buffalo Why Does Skilled Labor Flow from Poor to Rich Countries?

January 30 Mr. Jiaren Pang Washington University Search, Training, and Labor Force Participation over the Business Cycle

March 23 Dr. Joseph J. Doyle MIT Sloan School of Management Child Welfare and Crime: Measuring the Effects of Foster Care
Download Paper

March 30 Dr. Boyan Jovanovic New York University Bubbles in Prices of Exhaustible Resources
Download Paper

April 6 Dr. Rodrigo Soares University of Maryland Altruism, Fertility, and the Value of Children: Health Policy Evaluation and Intergenerational Welfare
Download Paper

April 13 Dr. Chad Sparber Colgate University Comparative Advantages and Gains from Immigration
Download Paper

April 27 Dr. Thomas Astebro University of Toronto Does it pay to be a Jack of all Trades?
Download Paper

April 27 Dr. David Galenson University of Chicago The Life Cycles of Modern Artists

May 4 Dr. Adrianna Lleras-Muney Princeton University Life expectancy and human capital investments: Evidence from maternal mortality declines in Sri Lanka
Download Paper

Fall 2006

October 20th Dr. Fernando Leiva-Betran University of Iowa Pricing Patents through Citations

January 17 Dr. Christopher A. Rohlfs Syracuse University Does Military Service Make You a More Violent Person? Evidence from the Vietnam Draft Lottery download paper

February 01 Dr. Georg Goetz University of Vienna Diffusion of new technology – The case of multiple generations download paper

February 08 Dr. Ronni Pavan University of Rochester To be announced

Spring 2006

January 23 Ms. Kelly Ragan Chicago (Recruitment) Taxes, Transfers, and Time Use: Fiscal Policy in a Household Production Model

January 25 Ms. Xin (Sherry) Li Michigan (Recruitment) Ethnic Dirversity, Social Identities, and Tax Compliance: Evidence from the European and World Values Surveys

January 27 Ms. Qingyan Shang Ohio State University (Recruitment) Estimating Endogenous Neighborhood Effects from Variations in Prices and Price- Responsiveness

January 30 Ms. Amrita Bhattacharyya Boston College (Recruitment) Competition and Advertising in Specialized Markets: A study of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry

February 1 Mr. Youngjin Hwang MIT (Recruitment) Regime-Switching Fluctuations, Aggregate and Individual Consumption

February 3 Dr. Edwin L. Lai Stanford (Recruitment) International Protection of Intellectual Property: An Empirical Investigation

February 6 Mr. Ganesh Seshan University of Virginia (Recruitment) The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Household Welfare in a Developing Country with Imperfect Labor Markets

February 10 Mr. Alejandro M. Rodriguez Chicago (Recruitment) Learning Externalities, Human Capital and Growth

February 13 Mr. Santiago Bazdresch Yale (Recruitment) Financial Lumpiness and Investment

February 15 Mr. Siddharth Sharma Yale (Recruitment) Factor Immobility and Regional Inequality: Evidence from a Credit Shock in India

February 17 Dr. Luis Alcala Rochester (Recruitment) Fertility, Migration, and Intergenerational Mobility

February 22 Dr. Kaz Miyagiwa Emory University (Recruitment) Dumping as a signal of Innovation

April 21 Prof. Daniel S. Hamermesh University of Texas at Austin “How the Economics Profession works” 11:30 – 12:30 “Cues for Coordination: Light, Longitude, and Letterman” 3:30 – 5:00″

April 28 Dr. Yang-Ming Chang Kansas State University “Strategic Transfers and Sibling Rivalry: A Contest Model with Endogenous Labor Supply, Family Services, and Leisure.”

Fall 2005

9th/23 Dr. Vikas Chibre Gokhale Institute of Economics Trends and Cycles in the Indian Economy

9th/30 Michele Boldrin University of Minnesota “IP & Market Size”

October 7 Belton Fleisher Ohio State University ” Regional Inequality and Productivity Growth in China: The Role of Foreign Investment, Infrastructure, and Human Capital”

October 14 Raaj Sah <=”” td=””> “Corruption across countries and regions: some consequences of coral osmosis”

January 4 Tom Philipson University of Chicago “Surplus Appropriation and Technology Assessment Criteria in Health Care”

January 11 Bruce Weinberg Ohio State University “Creative Careers: The Life Cycles of Nobel Laureates in Economics”

Spring 2005

January 20th Mr. Luis Alcala University of Rochester (Recruitment) Fertility, Migration, and Intergenerational Mobility

January 25 Ms. Yan Bai University of Minnesota (Recruitment) Financial Integration and international Risk Sharing

January 27 Mr. Angel Gavilan Gonzalez University of Chicago (Recruitment) Explaining Wage Inequality in the U.S. with an Assignment Model

January 28 Mr. Rudolfs Bems Stockholm School of Economics (Recruitment) Aggregate Investment Expenditures on Traded and Nontraded goods

February 1 Ms. Min Fan Stanford (Recruitment) Heterogeneous Beliefs, the Term Structure and Time-Varying Risk Premia

February 2 Ms. Elena Pastorino University of Pennsylvania (Recruitment) Career Dynamics Under Uncertainty: Estimating the Value of Firm Experimentation

February 3 Mr. Julio Jorge Elias University of Chicago (Recruitment) The Effects of Ability and Family Background on Non-Monetary Returns to Education

February 4 Mr. Justin G. Marion University of Chicago (Recruitment) Redistribution through Public Purchases: Competition, Procurement Costs, and Efficiency in a Bid Preference Program.

February 8 Mr. Calvin Yingshun Ho Berkeley (Recruitment) Does Exchange Rate Volatility Matter to Foreign Direct Investment?

February 11 Ms. Yoonyoung Cho University of Wisconsin-Madison (Recruitment) Investment in Children’s Human Capital: Implications of PROGRESA

March 4 Mr. Yi Wen Cornell University Understanding the Impact of Oil Shocks

March 11 Mr. Thomas Lubik Johns Hopkins University On-the-job Search and the Cyclical Dynamics of the Labor Market

April 1 Prof. Lance Lochner University of  Western Ontario “Individual Perceptions of the Criminal Justice System”

April 29th Prof. Maxwell Pak Queen’s University “Coooperation with Random Matching”

Fall 2004

9th/17 Mark G. Duggan University of Maryland, NBER “The Rise in SSI participation among children: Assessing the Impact on Poverty and Labor Supply”

October 1 Koleman Strumpf University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill “The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis”

October 8 Luisa Fuster University of Toronto “Elimination of Social Security in a Dynastic Framework”

October 22 Bruce Preston Columbia University “Adaptive Learning and the Use of Forecasts in Monetary Policy”

October 29th Michael Grossman CUNY Graduate Center, NBER “Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”

January 5 Casey B. Mulligan University of Chicago “Causes and Consequences of Political Competitiveness”

January 18th Ali Dogramaci Rector, Bilkent University (Turkey) “The Changing Turkish Education System”

January 19th Thomas Lubik Johns Hopkins University TBA

Spring 2004

January 21 Justin Trogdon  Duke University Demand for and Regulation of Cardiac Services

January 23 Julia Litvinova  Duke University Volatility Asymmetry in High Frequency Data

January 26 Ke Wang  Stanford University Multi-Period Corporate Failure Prediction with Stochastic Covariates

January 28 Xianghong Li  Ohio State University Is there a Seasoned Equity Offering Puzzle?

January 30 Dhaval M. Dave  City University of New York The Effects of Cocaine and Heroin Price on Drug Use among Arrestees

February 2 Juanyi Xu  University of British Columbia Noise Trader and Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle

February 4 Claudio Campanale  University of Rochester Learning and the Return to Private Equity

February 6 Hwagyun Kim  University at Buffalo Money Demand Shocks and Interest Rate Rules

February 13 Shaowen Wu  University at Buffalo TBA

February 27 Jonathan Eaton NYU An Anatomy of International Trade: Evidence fomr French Firms

March 26 Matthew Rhodes-Kropf Columbia Business School TBA

April 9th Serguey Braguinsky University at Buffalo Perfectly Competitive Innovation, Voluntary Information Sharing and its Breakdown in a Growing Industry

April 16 Matthew Turner University of Toronto Landscape Preferences and Patterns of Residential Development

7/9th Phillippe Saucier University of Orleans (Paris) Liquidity, Solvency, and Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis of the Japenese Banks’ Distress

Fall 2003

October 10 Robert Tamura Clemson University/Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank Income and Education of the States of the United States: 18th40-2000

October 17 Juan Mendoza University at Buffalo Geography, Health, and Development: Evidence from Columbia

October 31 Comin Diego New York University Are Soccer Contracts Incomplete?

January 7 Yongmiao Hong Cornell Testing Extremet Risk Spillover Between Finanical Markets: Econometric Method and Application to Chinese Stock Markets

January 14 Boyan Jovanovic Chicago and New York University The Q-Theory of IPO’s

January 21 Zhiqiang Liu University at Buffalo Foreign Direct Investment, Spillovers, and Productivity of Domestic Firms: Theory and Evidence

February 5 James M. Holmes University at Buffalo The Cyclical Relationship between Employment and Real Wages in U.S. Manufacturing

Spring 2003

January 10 Parama Chaudhury  New York University Multi-Tasking and the Returns to Experience

January 13 Angela No  University of Toronto Agglomeration Effects in the Diffusion of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

January 14 Alexander K. Karaivanov University of Chicago Financial Contracts and Occupational Choice

January 15 Yan Shen  University of Southern California Aggregate vs. Disaggregate Data Analysis- A paradox in the estimation of Money Demand Function of Japan Under the Low Interest Rate Policy

January 16 Mingliang Li  University of California -Irvine Duration Analysis with Piecewise Constant Baseline Hazards, Time-Varying Covariates and Random Effects: An Application to the Timing of High School Dropout Decisions

January 17 Paris Cleanthous Yale University Patient Welfare Implications of Innovation in the U.S. Antidepressant Market

February 14 Ingela Alger Boston College A Thoery of Fraud in Experts Markets

April 11 Isabel Brocas Columbia A Theory of Influence

April 18th Shubha Gosh University of Buffalo To Be Announced

April 25 Christopher Carroll Johns Hopkins The Epidemiology of Macroeconoimc Expectations

May 2 Yi Wen Cornell Understanding the Inventory Cycle

Fall 2002

October 4 Lawrence Southwick Jr. University at Buffalo Effects on the Brady Act on Crime?

October 11 James M. Holmes University at Bufalo The Minimum Wage and the Business Cycle in a Competitive Equilibrium Model.

October 18th Serguey Braguinsky University at Buffalo Entrepreneurial Ability and Market Section in an Infant Industry: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton spinning Industry.

October 25 Avi Goldfarb University of Toronto Identification of Online State Dependence Using Denial of Service Attacks as an Instrument

January 8 Serguey Braguinsky University at Buffalo Investment with Imperfect Property Rights

January 15 Hwagyun Kim  University at Buffalo Common and Idiosyncratic Fluctuations of Interest Rates from various Issuers: A Dynamic Factor Approach

January 22 Ronald Wintrobe Univeristy of Western Ontario Can Suicide Bombers be Rational?

January 25 Luca Bossi  Cornell Intergeneration Risk Shifting Through Social Security and Bailout Politics

February 2 Jeffrey DeSimone  East Carolina University Determinants of Drug Injection Behavior: Economic Factors, HIV Infection Risk and Needles Exchange Program

Spring 2002

January 23 Aysegul Sahin University of Rochester The Rotten Kid at College: The Incentive

January 25 Katustoshi Wakai Yale University A Model of Consumption Smoothing with an Application to Asset Pricing

January 28 Pedro S. Amaral University of Minnesota Consequences of Turbulence and Heterogeneity in Learning Ability for Wage Inequality

January 30 Raoul Minetti London School of Economics Banking Regulation, Capital Crunches, and Real Estate Crises

February 1 Shilender Swaminathan University of Southern California Effect of Health on Wages of Men: Evidence from Indonesia

February 8 Helios Herrera New York University Participation Externalities and Asset Price Volatility

February 22 Jong – Wha Lee Korea University IMF Programs: Who is Chosen and What are the Effects?

March 15 Michelle Alexpoulos University of Toronto To Be announced

April 19th Lena Edlund Columbia University To Be Announced

Fall 2001

9th/6 Donald Dutkowsky Syracuse University Inflation Targeting with the Federal Funds Rate

October 12 Xiaodong Xu University of Toronto To Be Announced

October 19th Aloysius Siow University of Toronto To Be Announced

October 26 Mark Bils University of Rochester To Be announced

January 2 Catherine Cuff McMaster University To Be Announced

January 9th Neil Harding Wales Marxism, Ideology, and Sites of Power

February 7 Yong Yin University at Buffalo To Be Announced

Spring 2001

January 25 Hyunbae Chun New York University Can Information Technology Explain Deceleration and Acceleration in Productivity Growth?

January 26 Jed Devaro Stanford University The effect of Employer Recruitment Strategies on Job Placements and Match Quality

January 30 Glen Waddell Purdue University Executive Compensation and Project Selection

February 1 Susheng Wang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Bargaining, Revenue Sharing, and Control Rights Allocation

February 5 Jose Plehn-Dujowich University of Chicago Innovation, Firm Size, and Occupational Choice

February 7 Chetan Subramanian University at Buffalo Exchange Rate Based Stabilization with Borrowing Constraints

February 12 Zhiqiang Liu University at Buffalo The Economic Impact and Determinants of Investments in Human and Political Capital in Urban China

March 2 Hiroyuki Ozaki Tohoku University To Be Announced

March 16 John Burbridge McMaster TDSP’s

March 19th Tiemen Woutersen University of Western Ontario To Be Announced

March 23 Casey Mulligan University of Chicago To BE Announced

April 6 Elizabeth Caucutt University of Rochester To Be Announced

April 13 Diego Restuccia University of Toronto To be Announced

April 27 John Duggan University of Rochester To be announced

Fall 2000

9th/29th Maya Shah University of Baroda, India The Economics of Discrimination

October 13 Zhiqiang Liu HK University of Science and Technology Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillover: Evidence from China

October 20th Jin Young Kim University at Buffalo The Market for Scientists and the Recent Surge in Patenting

October 27 Song Han University of Rochester On Task-Based Discrimination in Credit Markets

January 3 Joanne Robert University of Toronto To be Announced

January 10 Amit Batabyal Rochester Institute of Technology A Dynamic Analysis of Protection and Environmental Policy in a Small Trading Developing Country

1January 17 Chris Robinson University of Western Ontario To be announced

1February 1 Matthew Turner University of Toronto To be announced

1February 8 Jung-Ok Cho Univeristy of Rochester To be announced

Spring 2000

February 18th Jeff Smith University of Western Ontario Is the Threat of Training More Effective than Training Itself?

March 3 Xiadong Xu university of Toronto To be announced

March 31 Michael Peters University of Toronto To be announced

April 7 Michael Veall McMaster University To be announced

April 14 Todd Steinbrickner University of Western Ontario The underlying relationship between family income and college performance: Evidence from a liberal arts college with a full tuition subsidy

April 21 Shabtai Donnenfeld York University Regional Blocs and Foreign Direct Investment

April 28 Dwayne Benjamin University of Toronto Property Rights, Labour Markets, and Efficiency in a Transition Economy: The Case of Rural China

May 5 Akira Matsumoto Ehime University, JAPAN Japanese Bubble-Its Domestic Aspects and International aspects

Fall 1999

October 8 Eric Nauenberg University at Buffalo Simulation of a Hospital Industry Hirschman-Herfindahl Index with Incomplete Market Share Information

October 22 Todd Steinbrickner University of Western Ontario To be announced

October 29th David Mustard University of Georgia To be announced

January 4 Aloysius Siow University of Toronto Why Dowries?

January 12 Linda Wong SUNY-Binghamton Skill acquisition in an Equilibrium Search Model

January 19th Jagadeesh Gokhale Cleveland Fed Transmission of Wealth Inequality via bequests

February 3 Gordon Dahl University of Rochester Teenage Marriage:Falling or Failing in love?

February 10 Shannon Seitz University of Western Ontario Employment, Marriage, and the Sex Radio