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Masters Application FAQ

Where can I get some information about the University’s Graduate School and the graduate programs in general?

For more information about the Graduate School, visit

What is the deadline to apply?

All applications are considered on a rolling admission basis until admission capacity is reached. Assuming there is still space, you can apply to the program until the last day of the drop/add period for the semester you are looking to begin. However, we encourage you to submit your application well in advance. You can apply to the program as much as one year ahead of time.

INTERNATIONAL Applicants: Please visit the International Student Scholars & Services (ISSS) website for questions about how to get a visa and immigration documents.

When will a final decision be made on my application and when could I expect to receive your letter about the decision?
Completed applications with all required documents uploaded are reviewed usually once a week. You will receive a letter and an e-mail approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your completed application is submitted. We prefer to tell students as soon as possible so they can make their plans accordingly.

If you have questions about the status of your application, please feel free to email the Assistant Director of the Graduate Program.

How can I check if my application is complete and materials have been received?

It is the applicants’ responsibility to ensure that their applications are complete. Online applications will be automatically acknowledged electronically upon submission. Likewise, the Assistant Director of the MA Program will keep applicants updated as to what materials they are lacking for formal application review. However, you should keep in contact with the Asst. Director to make sure all forms have been received.

When can I begin the Masters program?

You can begin the program in the Fall semester only, usually the end of August.

Does successful completion of the Masters program mean that I am automatically accepted to the Ph.D. Program in the Economics Department at the University at Buffalo?

No. The Masters program is intended to be a terminal degree and is completely separate from the PhD Economics Program. You will need to apply separately to that program and NONE of the courses you take toward the M.S. count toward the PhD program.

The PhD program is highly competitive with approximately 9-15 students admitted each Fall out of about 175 applicants. Successful completion of the Masters program in no way means acceptance to the PhD Program in the Department of Economics as the University at Buffalo.

You must go through separate application processes for each. However, it should be noted that many graduates of the Masters Program have gone on to various PhD programs throughout the world. All inquiries about the PhD Program should be email the Assistant Director of the Graduate Program.

Where should I send all Masters application materials like transcripts and degree certifications?

You must upload an unofficial or official transcript or academic record for each institution (even if you didn’t receive a degree) you indicated in the Educational Background section of the online application. These documents must be uploaded before you submit the application.

What if I will not finish my degree until after I apply, such as the summer?

You still must submit originals with your application. Final transcripts and degree conferral certificates/proof of degree will be required as soon as they become available or upon arrival on campus. Your admission will then be considered “provisional” until we receive the final official transcript and proof of degree.

Note: student can’t begin the program without a BA or BS degree.

Can I transfer Graduate credits to my Masters degree?

No. While a waiver may be given for a required course based on previous academic coursework at another institution, all credits required for the Masters Economics Programs must be taken at the University at Buffalo.