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I’m Accepted Now What?

“I’m accepted, now what?”

You should begin by confirming whether or not you wish to accept our admission offer. This can be done by e-mailing the graduate program (Masters or PhD) you applied to or by returning your admissions letter.

Please note that you cannot defer your acceptance online. If you choose not to accept our offer, you can be considered for another entering year. However, we make no guarantees that you will be admitted (or with funding if you were previously awarded aid) as each class is evaluated as a whole. If you have questions, please email the graduate program (Masters or PhD) you applied to.

Once you’ve accepted our admission:

Receiving your Admissions Packet  ( International Student only )

  • You will receive your admissions packet with a list of instructions from International Admissions. If you haven’t received your packet or if you have VISA questions, you should contact International Admissions directly.