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Financial Aid

A limited number of Teaching and Graduate Assistantships are made available to the Department of Economics each year. The Department then awards these on a competitive basis to both incoming students and presently enrolled students for the forthcoming academic year.

It should be kept in mind that these are part-time university jobs; as such, satisfactory performance in the work is expected and will be taken into account in financial aid renewal decisions. Assistantship positions carry the protections of a union contract through the Graduate Student Employees Union.

A Teaching Assistantship is an instructional position. The assigned teaching responsibilities may be as the second instructor for a class or discussion section or, for advanced students, may include full responsibility for an undergraduate course, including all assessments and the submission of final grades.

A Graduate Assistantship is a non-instructional position. Students appointed to such a position may be assigned duties in support of an individual faculty member’s research activities. In some cases, a Graduate Assistant may be asked to assume the duties normally assigned to Teaching Assistants.

Students who hold either a Teaching or Graduate Assistantship will be expected to spend no more than twenty (20) hours per week on their assigned responsibilities.

Teaching/Graduate Assistantships carried a stipend as well as do not pay tuition. These cost change each year, you can see the current estimated values online.

However, students do pay a small amount in university fees (approximately $850 per semester).

Summer teaching assistantships are normally available for advanced students in addition to the academic year assistantships described above.