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Law & Regulation

M.A. and Advanced Certificate: Economics of Law and Regulation (45 credits)

This program, intended for those interested in the economic foundations of public policy and legal issues, examines the economic consequences of regulatory approaches, as well as the economic foundations of judicial decisions and the economic consequences of these decisions. Specializing in this area equips you to attain positions in public policy departments of corporations, government agencies, and a variety of not-for-profit organizations involved in policy advocacy. Moreover, practicing attorneys often require a deeper understanding of the economics of legal issues, especially since courts have increasingly invoked economic reasoning in judicial decisions.

Listed below are sample course plans to give students a better idea about what their coursework timetable might look like. Please note that this is for illustration purposes only. If you have any questions or concerns regarding appropriate coursework, please make sure to e-mail prior to registration.

M.A.: Thirty credit hours including the five core M.A. courses plus, it is recommended, courses from the “list of required courses” for the specialization but not more than two outside the Department of Economics. Successful completion of the M.A. Macro/Micro Comprehensive Examination. Note: Despite taking various Law & Regulation electives, you would only confer the M.A. degree.

M.A. & Advanced Certificate: Forty-Five credit hours including the five core M.A. courses, all of the required courses, plus at least three 3-credit courses from the list of electives. Successful completion of the M.A. Macro/Micro Comprehensive Examination.

Courses Required
ECO 569 Industrial Organization
ECO 570 Economics of Regulation
ECO 526 Financial Economics I (Capital Markets)
ECO 535 International Economics
ECO 564 Economics of the Public Sector
ECO 582 Applied Econometrics
ECO 597 Internship in Applied Economics (requires: approval of M.A. program director)
LAW 565 Advanced Finance Regulations after Crises
LAW 567 State and Local Responses to Climate Change
LAW 568 Environmental Law–Pollution Control
LAW 606 Introduction to Health Law
LAW 607 Technology Management and E-Business
LAW 609 Corporate Tax
LAW 618 Public Health Law
LAW 633 State and Local Finance
LAW 641 Insurance Law
LAW 665 Regional Economic Development
LAW 674 International Business Environment
LAW 684 Financial Analysis and Reporting
LAW688 Introduction to Securities Regulations
LAW 693 Labor Law
LAW 696 Intellectual Property–Introduction
LAW 731 International Trade and the Environment
LAW 770 Economic Development

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