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Health Services

M.A. and Advanced Certificate: Economics of Health Services (45 credits)

Offered in collaboration with the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, economics of health services gives you an understanding of what influences health-care expenditures, how health-care services are currently rationed and financed, what alternative options exist; and how institutions that provide health-care products, services, and health insurance adapt to market and regulatory constraints. Our program offers a unique opportunity in the Buffalo area to train economic analysts in this relatively new and expanding discipline.

Currently, this is the only program of this type available in the Western New York region. With the rapid changes in the region’s health-care system, there is potentially an increased need for people familiar with the economic principles of the health-care sector. The training provided by this specialization would be a strong fit for the anticipated expansion of job opportunities in insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, and pharmaceutical companies in the near future and for the continuing demand from hospitals and government agencies.

Important: For course scheduling, please email the Assistant Director of the M.A. program.

M.A.: Thirty credit hours including the five core M.A. courses plus, it is recommended, courses from the “list of required courses” for the specialization but not more than two outside the Department of Economics. Successful completion of the M.A. Macro/Micro Comprehensive Examination. Note: Despite taking various Information & Internet electives, you would only confer the M.A. degree.

M.A. & Advanced Certificate: Forty-Five credit hours, including the five core M.A. courses, and all of the required courses. The rest can be Health Services or other electives. Successful completion of the M.A. Macro/Micro Comprehensive Examination.

Courses Required
EEH 507 Intro to Health Care Organizations
ECO 569 Industrial Organization
ECO 570 Economics of Regulation
ECO 511 Health Economics
ECO 564 Economics of the Public Sector
ECO 582 Applied Econometrics
ECO 597 Internship in Applied Economics (requires: approval of M.A. program director)
EEH 502 Advanced Methodology
EEH 517 Methods of Survey Research
EEH 539 Intro to Health Economics
EEH 540 Epidemiology and Health Policy
EEH 541 Medical Sociology
EEH 542 Health Policy in the U.S.
EEH 612 Development of Research Strategies Designs

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information