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Doctoral Program

Program Application Deadline for funding consideration is February 1st of the incoming year.

The PhD Program is the most advanced and comprehensive graduate program we offer. It has a strong quantitative emphasis, but also offers opportunities to specialize in all mainstream subject areas in economics. Most graduates pursue academic teaching and research careers; some work in federal, state, or in the US or other countries, and others obtain positions in the private sector.

Masters Programs

Rolling Admissions; Application review begins in January of the incoming year.

We offer two daytime, stand-alone, Masters Programs: the Master of Arts and Master of Science, to satisfy the needs of students with different objectives:

M.A. Program (Master of Arts)

The M.A. program is a 30 credit-hours program focusing on the core theory of economics. It offers the option of also achieving an Advanced Certificate in a specialized concentration.

Advanced Certificate in Applied Economics

This 15 credit-hours program is designed to supplement the M.A. program by providing a choice of 6 applied specializations in addition to the core courses covered in the M.A. program. Choose one of six specializations based on your personal preferences and the skill set you wish to obtain. Our specializations include (in order of popularity):

Information and Internet
Law and Regulation
Urban and Regional

M.S. Program (Master of Science in Econometrics & Quantitative Economics)

Photographer: Douglas Levere

The STEM M.S. Econometrics & Quantitative Economics combines the two elements of the M.A. program in a 45 credit-hour program while also emphasizing advanced economic theory and quantitative skills. Our MS degree also has two specializations, the Financial and International tracks.