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Zhiqiang Liu

Associate Professor of Economics
Director of the Confucius Institute
445 Fronczak Hall
(716) 645-8688


  • Ph.D. University at Buffalo
  • MBA University at Buffalo
  • B.S. Tianjin University

Research Interests

  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Economic Growth and Development
  • Economics of Crime
  • The Chinese Economy

Selected Publications

  • “Productivity Growth and Firm Ownership: An Analytical and Empirical Investigation,” (with I. Ehrlich, G. Gallais-Hamonno, R. Lutter) Journal of Political Economy (1994)
  • “Earnings, Education, and Economic Reforms in Urban China,” Economic Development and Cultural Change (1998)
  • “Sensitivity Analyses of the Deterrence Hypothesis: Let’s Keep the Econ in Econometrics,” (with I. Ehrlich) the Journal of Law and Economics (1999)
  • “Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth in China,” (with J. Lin) Economic Development and Cultural Change (2000)
  • “Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillover: Evidence from China,” Journal of Comparative Economics (2002)
  • “Institution and Inequality: the Hukou System in China,” Journal of Comparative Economics(2005)
  • “The External Returns to Education: Evidence from Chinese Cities,” Journal of Urban Economics(2007)
  • “Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillovers: Theory and Evidence,” Journal of Development Economics (2008)
  • “Individual Well-being in Urban China: the Role of Income Expectations, ” (with Q. Shang) China Economic Review (2012)
  • “Human Capital Externalities in Cities: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms,” Journal of Economic Geography (2014)