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Isaac Ehrlich

Social Security

1. Published papers

*Note: many of these papers are freely downloadable from the following websites:

Social Security, the Family and Economic Growth, with F. T. Lui, Economic Inquiry, Vol. 36 (3), July 1998, 390-409.

Social Security and the Real Economy: An Inquiry into Some Neglected Issues, with J. Zhong,American Economic Review, Vol. 88 (2), May 1998, 151-157.

Social Security: From Pay-As-You-Go Systems to an Individual-Based Capitalization System, text in English; title in Spanish: Prevision social: de los regimens de reparto a los de capitalizacion individual, Published as part of a three articles series (“Conferencias”), along with contributions by Gary Becker and Joseph Stiglitz. Revista de Ciencias Empresariales Y Economia, vol 2, 2003.

“Social Security and Demographic trends: Theory and Evidence from the International Experience”, with Jinyoung Kim, Review of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 10(1) 2007, 55-77.

“Has Social Security influenced family formation and fertility in OECD countries? An economic and econometric analysis”, with Jinyoung Kim. Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Law, Vol.9, 2007, pp. 99-120.

2. Newspaper articles:

How to Spread the Pension Cake, Op-Ed article, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, November 9, 1993.

Pensions the World Would Like to Forget, Op-Ed article, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, January 18, 1994.

Hong Kong Plots a Pension Quagmire, lead editorial page article, Asian Wall Street Journal, February 24, 1994.

Social Security: Foreign Lessons (with Gary S. Becker), lead editorial page article Wall Street Journal, March 30, 1994

— Reprinted in: Asian Wall Street Journal, March 31, 1994.

Hong Kong’s Rickshaw Retirees, lead editorial page article, Asian Wall Street Journal, September 20, 1994

“A Reformed Social Security Can Help Families and Economic Growth”, March 10 2005. See:

“Social Security: hinders growth of families”, article in USA Today (Society for the Advancement of Education), May 2005.  See:


3. NBER Working Papers Series:

Social Security, Demographic Trends, and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence from the International Experience with Jinyoung Kim; NBER Working Paper w 11121, February 2005

“Has Social Security Influenced Family Formation and Fertility in OECD Countries? An Economic and Econometric Analysis”, with Jinyoung Kim, NBER Working Paper #12869, January 2007.