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2016-2017 Scholarships Awards

Congratulations to our award winners:
Stephanie Vail – William A. Strauss Economics Scholarship Award
Casey Rothberg – The Matthew Scarpati Endowed Scholarship Award
Andrea Niper – The Kogut Brothers of Mills Economic Development Award

The Economic Department is grateful to all of our contributors and is fortunate to be able to offer our Economics students these very special scholarship opportunities:
• The Kogut Brothers of New York Mills Economic Development Award (formerly the Joseph W. Kogut Economic Development Award), est. 2007 – Frederick J. Kogut and Nina F. Kogut-Akkum, donors
• The Matthew Scarpati Endowed Scholarship, est. 2010 – James and Lynn Scarpati, donors
• The William A. Strauss Economics Scholarship Award, est. 2012 – William A. Strauss, donor