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The UB Department of Economics is committed to the educational goals of the University at Buffalo. These include providing students the basic knowledge required to understand how economic problems are approached, and imparting the basic qualitative and quantitative tools used by economists to solve economic problems. The Department is dedicated to contribute to these goals by devoting efforts to better serve the needs of our undergraduate and graduate students, by engaging in cutting edge research, and by continuously improving the design of our academic programs, our curriculum and our course offerings.



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Deadline: Monday, September 21, 2015 – 5pm

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Deadline: Friday, September 25, 2015 – 4:50pm

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Welcome all new MA/MS Economics Students

We are delighted to have you in our program and are looking for a productive and rewarding interaction with you. We realize that many of you did not come to our orientation session yesterday because we could not send you a notice about it well in advance of the meeting as we normally do. For the benefit of those of you who were not present in the orientation session, we promised to share with you at least one bit of information that was presented in the meeting by the Department Chairman, SUNY Distinguished Professor Isaac Ehrlich. It contains data on the labor market for those holding Master degrees in economics compared to other disciplines. There were many other types of information delivered to those present in the orientation session about the objectives of our MA/MS program and the way it functions by the MA Program Director, Professor Winston Chang, and by Lecturer Tom Labert of the Merrill Lynch Division of the Bank of America.

Having been pioneers in the development of this program as a stand-alone, day time program based on specializations in areas like Financial Economics, International Economics, and Law and Economics, and Quantitative Methods which are now emulated by many other schools, we remain particularly proud of the strong mix of analytical skills and practical insights we offer to our students in the program which make them excellent candidates for employment in the private sectors or admission to first rate PhD program. We hope you will follow some of the relevant developments in our MA/MS program by continually visiting our web site and by attending the social gatherings we are planning for you. Meantime, however, let share with you the labor market data you may be pleased to see.


BLS data about Mid-Career Annual salaries and Projected Employment increases for those holding Master’s degrees in 2012 published by Forbes Magazine
Master’s Subject Projected Job Outlook 2012-22 Increase (%) Mid-Career Pay ($)
Top 10 By Salary Electrical Engineering 17.7 121,000
Economics 14.3 115,000
Physics 20.3 114,000
Computer Science 22.3 109,000
Physician Assistant 30.0 97,000
Information Systems 23.3 95,000
Mathematics 24.7 91,500
Health Care Administration 22.0 87,800
Nursing 21.7 85,900
Chemistry 10.5 85,700
Other MA subjects you might have contemplated Occupational Therapy 33.0 79,200
Human Resources Management 17.0 77,200
Architecture 16.3 77,100
Geography 29.0 74,760
Biology 12.0 74,100
History 17.1 64,100
English 8.0 62,900
Education 14.7 60,100
Music 11.3 57,000
Library and Information Science 8.5 57,000
Counseling 22.0 53,000


The University at Buffalo is committed to ensuring equal access to its programs and activities. The entire notice of non-discrimination can be viewed here.